PHOTOS: The Kenyan Man who designed London Congestion System

PHOTOS: The Kenyan Man who designed London Congestion System
Do you know that the man who designed London Congestion System is a Kenyan. Here is the man. Professor Washington Yotto Ochieng,  the head of the biggest Centre for Transport Studies in the World at Imperial University College, London.

The university has over 3,000 Lecturers and only two Africans and he is the only African to head the Transport Department. He is the chair of Positioning and Navigation Systems who also helped in the creation of European Navigation System.

Professor Ochieng arrived in UK in 1989 to study where he has excelled to the high positions through his hard work. Last week KTN TV Reporter Mr. Alex Chamwada together with Mr. Seed visited his offices in London where he had an interview Chamwada who covers the popular TV program “Daring Abroad”. The professor has helped to solve many traffic problems in big cities like Beijing China.

While in his office last week Mr. Seed asked him: “Why have you not helped to solve the problem  transport in our motherland Nairobi, Kenya?”. The professor replied: “Nobody has ever approached me. I am ready to give back to the community. If approached, I would help.

I have been to Nairobi where the city there is no order and the road is free for all. We can help, ask the relevant authorities to contact me.” said the jovial professor as he smiles. Watch the video below Mr. Ochieng being interviewed by Alex Chamwada.

Video by KTN News Kenya

PHOTOS: The Kenyan Man who designed London Congestion System

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  3. Louise Espeut says

    Very sad – RIP

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