Retired US Navy Soldier Goes to Kenya,Gives Back to Schools, Churches

Retired US Navy Soldier Goes to Kenya,Gives Back to Schools, Churches

Retired US Navy Soldier Goes to Kenya,Gives Back to Schools, Churches
HFF ​E​xecutive director Palmer Pistle showing girls and teachers how to purify water

Everybody would love to drink a glass of water that is free from germs, dirt and disease. However, this is not always possible in some rural parts of Kenya, where locals struggle in sourcing for basic daily life commodities like food, clothing and shelter.


This is why an environment conscious organization based in the USA has travelled many miles from home to bring help to hundreds of school going children and church going Kenyans in the form of clean water.


Hope For a Future (HFF) empathized with the plight of those in Kenya not having access to clean water and decided to fight water-borne diseases through donating water purifiers in schools and churches.


Executive Director HFF Palmer Pistle said hundreds were dying and falling sick in rural Kenya from diseases brought about by drinking dirty water. He asked the government and non-governmental organisations to come up with strategies to make sure all communities have access to clean water.


“We have donated water purifiers to 21 churches and seven primary schools since we came to Kenya this January. We are today in Gitithia Girls High School, and hope to reach many other insititutions that will benefit from this simple but life saving innovative devices,” said Mr Pistle.


Gitithia Girls High School is in Lari sub-county, Kiambu County.


School Principal Lydia Ngunjiri welcomed the group led by Mr Pistle. Others present were HFF Director Nuper Nunnikhvon, Area Assistant Chief Nancy Ndung’u and Pastor Stephen Mburu of House of Hope Church.


“Our mission is to educate people on the benefits of drinking clean water, for the overall good of their health and economy of the country, also teach them on the process of purification,” said Mr Pistle.


Mr Pistle, who is a retired US navy soldier said in this time and age when there are many innovations and development projects, nobody should die from waterborne diseases that could easily be prevented.


The officials trained the school teachers, the assistant chief and the students how to purify water.


Chief Ndung’u said the knowledge was important in dealing with water-borne diseases.


She said they had seen positive change among pupils and church members who trained earlier in the area, as they were more careful by taking purified water.


HFF has distributed the water purifiers in schools in Lari and other sub-counties.


By Anne Kanina. HTBluff Associates. #HTBluff An EMG COnsortium

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