VIDEO:Drunk Chief in uniform says Uhuru cannot stop him


Watch a Nakuru chief get totally drunk. He dismisses President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive on illicit brew ban, saying ‘lazima nikunywe’. Source: Bernard Waweru.


Nakuru chief caught drunk on video during Uhuru’s visit explains why he drinks

A Nakuru administrator who got drunk while in uniform during the President’s Molo visit last week has said he is ready for sacking.

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Mawingu sublocation assistant chief Joseph Rotich was found in the same state on Tuesday in a club at Murinduko shopping centre.

“My name is chief Rotich and I am the most drunken chief in this region. I have accepted that and I am never shamed,” he told the press while sipping a drink.

A clip of the intoxicated administrator at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s function was circulated on social media.

His message to Uhuru in the clip is: “I must drink, don’t bother with me. I am a man and I was ordered to do so during my initiation to adulthood.”

The assistant chief served with the Kenya Army and the General Service Unit between 1977 and 1991 before quitting.

He told journalists he was ready to be sacked and noted he was richer when jobless than he is now.

“I am ready to be sacked because I am now poor. I had a lot of money after quitting the police service” he said.

Rotich, popularly known as ‘Survivor’, said he drank too much at the President’s function,

saying he was not caught because he is “very tricky”.

His colleague who sought anonymity said the officer was rescued by police in Molo during Uhuru’s function and taken home by a Good Samaritan.

Rotich said he did not drink until 1988 when he and other GSU officers were deployed to guard the Kenya/Sudan border following a dispute between the countries.

“I was a good man until 1988. I blame retired President Moi for subjecting us to harsh conditions which forced me to drink,” he said.

Locals told journalists the man is spotted daily at brewers’ homes and clubs

“He does not have an office he attends his clients at his home after drinking,” one said.

“He must drink in the morning and when he is not busy during the day. He goes back to the shopping centre in the neighboring sublocation to share light moments with friends at the club.”

Uhuru has in the past ordered chiefs to lead a nationwide crackdown on illegal brew.

Mawingu sublocation assistant chief Joseph Rotich in a club at Murinduko shopping centre, March 22, 2016. Photo/AMOS KERICH

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