Why Uhuru skipped Kericho campaigns


PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta skipped the grueling Kericho senatorial campaigns to keep away from the turf wars between Deputy President William Ruto and Kanu boss Gideon Moi.

The details emerged yesterday on a decisive day, the eve of the by-elections in both Kericho and Malindi.

Residents elect their new representatives in a high stakes political contest today – the Kericho senator and the Malindi MP.

The Star has established the Head of State is uncomfortable with the personalised URP-Kanu tirade – exposing Uhuru’s soft spot for the son of his political mentor retired President Daniel Moi.

Sources allied to the coalition’s TNA wing told the Star Uhuru considered Kanu part of the Jubilee team and was uneasy with the full-blown campaign war directed at the Independence party.

The URP-Kanu crossfire is so intense that as he crisscrossed the massive Kericho county, Ruto maintained a vote for Kanu’s Paul Sang would be a vote for opposition chief Raila Odinga.

“The people of Kericho and the Rift Valley must know that the battle for the Senate seat is not about Kanu and Jubilee. This is a war between Jubilee and Cord that has hired some leaders to try and divide the Kalenjins,” Ruto said.

The DP occasionally chided Gideon as ungrateful, saying the Kalenjin community supported his Dad unconditionally for a record 24 years.

“The reason the President skipped Kericho is because Ruto is attacking Gideon, yet Kanu is part of Jubilee,” the TNA insider revealed.

Uhuru’s decision to skip the Kericho campaign infuriated a section of Ruto’s allies, who claimed the President behaved as though he had a secret pact with Gideon.

“Uhuru’s presence in Kericho could have made a difference because Kanu is confusing people they are in Jubilee. He has not said anything, yet he campaigned in Malindi. Why not Kericho?” Chepalungu MP Paul Bii told the Star.

However, he President’s failure to campaign for Jubilee’s Aaron Cheiruyot in Kericho has fueled speculation he and his inner circle are skeptically


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