Mutahi Ngunyi: “Kenya Will Only Have Peace By Creating Position of Prime Minister”



Political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi has released a new video titled, ‘Case Against Tyranny of Numbers’.

For the person who coined in the name in the Kenyan setting, it was only logical that he comes up with a follow up.

In his latest video, he takes us back to where we went wrong as a country and created ‘Tyranny of Numbers’. By his estimation, the Kikuyu and Kalenjin will occupy the Presidency for any foreseeable future.

Ruto in 2022 until 2032. A Kikuyu President takes over for 10 years deputized by a Kalenjin who will then take over in 2042. And the cycle continues. Unless we see a drastic shift in our birth rates in the next decade, Gema and Kalenjin combined will continue to have sufficient numbers to make anyone president, and thus the ‘Tyranny of Numbers’ continues.

According to Mutahi Ngunyi, Kenya experienced a period of peace and stability after the 2007/08 violence, because the government was inclusive. With 5 major positions to share (President, Vice President, Prime Minister, 2 Deputy Prime Ministers), almost all major communities were in government and hence there was no need to fight for power.

Mr. Ngunyi says that returning Kenya to this system is the only way we’ll have lasting peace. He actually thinks we don’t need a referendum to create these changes.

This is a very hot debate which I have a sneaking suspicion will be looked at as a serious solution soon.

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