Robert Alai’s Personal Plea To President Uhuru Kenyatta



Blogger Robert Alai has nowadays become a regular at State House, attending the summits organized by different ministries.

While at the big house, he has been interacting with the men who guard the president. We’ve been told time and again how they are poorly paid and live in poor conditions.

Alai now has a personal plea to the President in that regard.


President Uhuru Kenyatta I am kindly making this personal plea to you. It is something which close to my heart. I also know that speaking about these issues might make me not get an invite to State House again. I can sacrifice that for these people.

I know how leading a country is not an easy thing but please inspire by impacting the lives of others. Especially those who are closest to you. Let it not be that people can only have value in their lives because they can use your name to get kickbacks and handouts. Please listen carefully.

Every time I enter State House, I am met by the hawk-eyed men and women who guard the compound and your life. These Kenyans stand between you and those who might try to harm you because of your position. These people are dear to me because I have lived in a police line. I lived in a house where officers living with their families share a single room. I have friends and relatives in AP and GSU camps.

Whenever I interact with the GSU guarding you in State House, they appeal to me to voice their concerns. They know that I am honest in my engagement so they entrust me with the delivery of the message to you sir. They just want their lives made better. Some decent housing here and a look into their welfare would do.

The G-company guarding you are a desolate lot. They live a pathetic life. The conditions of their quarters and welfare doesn’t rhyme with the suits they put on. They just want to look good but they are suffering from within.

I appeal to you to have the IG and NPSC review their terms of service, housing conditions and health and life insurance covers. I might not write more here because I understand everything but I kindly ask you to intervene. These officers deserve better. Being a policeman means that you are always invited into situations of lawlessness or where threats of the same exists. These men and women deserve more. There is no reason why you pay MPs and MCAs so much and not policemen. Please do something. This needs your personal intervention.

These men and women are our brothers and sisters. They are suffering. All policemen are suffering. But sad when even those who protect you don’t have proper remuneration and living conditions.

Thanks and best regards.


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1 Comment
  1. william wachira says

    All other times you seem
    to Blog nonsence and seem fighting the Head of the State But this timee around you have
    Advocated for the real
    meaningful and good subject.
    It is important for police to get better service. Eventhough the Jubilee Govern. has tried to do that.
    Let’s hope our President will attend to the issue depending on the availability of the fund.

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