VIDEO: How DP Ruto friend-zoned a TV presenter on Live interview

DP William Ruto gestures during a past interview. PHOTO | DPPS
DP William Ruto gestures during a past interview. PHOTO | DPPS

A keen-eyed Kenyan has compiled a clip of Deputy President William Ruto calling a TV presenter “my friend” more than 20 times within the same interview.

The video that is making rounds on social media has been compressed from an interview the DP had with K24’s Richard Kagoe on Wednesday night.

In his trademark index finger gesture, Mr Ruto mentioned the phrase “my friend” 21 times.

The clip, which has been edited by D&R Television, is captioned “you’re about to be my friendzoned”.

Communication experts believe that the phrase “my friend” is not a so friendly reference as it is often used by people who are actually not your friend.

The phrase is also commonly used when a person has either forgotten your name or is too embarrassed to admit that they are talking about themselves.

Watch the clip below:

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