County Secretary and Chief Officer fight with kicks and blows in public


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Nyamira County Secretary Eric Onchana.
Nyamira County Secretary Eric Onchana.

Residents of Nyamira town were treated to a rare drama when two senior county government officials engaged each other in a fist fight.


County Secretary Eric Onchana wrestled Health Chief Officer Douglass Bosire as the public and Governor John Nyagarama watched in disbelieve.

The midweek evening drama unfolded when the two allegedly got involved in a heated verbal exchange immediately after having a meeting with their boss at his residence.

Pens flew into the air and pieces of paper from the files which they both were carrying got stashed outside the Governor’s compound as the two tore into each other with blows and kicks.

The Chief Officer got his lips hurt with the County Secretary who is his senior also receiving slight injuries.

The Governor who could not withstand the fight quickly dashed to his house as he left the two to sort each other physically.

Only his security team moved in quickly to disentangle the white-collared senior officials tearing each other’s shirts.

The shameful act sparked bitter reactions from officials of the county with all chief officers threatening to boycott duties on Wednesday.

However, concerted efforts to arbitrate the matter saw members of the county executive committee and the chief officers convene a meeting up to midnight in a bid to reconcile the two.

In a meeting held at the governor’s boardroom and chaired by the executive committee member in charge of public administration Mr Andrew Ombati, Onchana and Bosire openly apologized and regretted for demeaning the leadership of Governor John Nyagarama’s government by fighting in public.

According to a source from the reconciliation team, the two were each given ample time to explain what had necessitated their fight where accusations and counter accusations surfaced.

The officers, one after the other accused the County Secretary of running the county with an iron fist, having no respect to junior county workers and demanded that he should change his brand of administration.

The meeting was further halted for ten minutes when members of the public led by businessman James Kiage Obutu stormed into the boardroom and accused some of the county executive members of undermining the leadership of Nyagarama.

Kiage particularly took issue with chairman of the meeting Mr. Ombati together with the county secretary of diving the county executive committee, a move aimed at undermining leadership of the governor.

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