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Musalia Mudavadi rules out possibility of working with DP Ruto

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi (left) chats with Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga during requiem mass for Christine Eboso at Lusengeli Secondary school on October 1, 2016. Mudavadi said he is focused to getting the presidency in 2017. [PHOTO: ERIC LUNGAI/STANDARD]
VIHIGA: Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi has ruled out the possibility of reuniting with Deputy President William Ruto to support him now, or in his 2022 presidential bid.

Mudavadi said he is focused on getting to State House next year, and Ruto’s tactical reproach to kill his morale will not deter his ambitions as he does not want to associate with a government that lost touch with its citizens long ago.

During a fund raiser at Malinda secondary school on Friday, Ruto said Mudavadi should exploit the neighbourliness between Luhya and Kalenjin communities to support him as he is already ‘near power’.

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“Ruto’s statement is in bad taste, mischievous and condescending. I am serious about running for presidency in 2017 and Ruto knows it. If he is a trustworthy neighbour, let him show his generosity by supporting me first,” Mudavadi said.

He added, “My target is to remove you (Ruto) from power. That should be known widely. I want to move forward not backward.”

He spoke at Lusengeli secondary school during the requiem mass for Christine Eboso, where Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga attended.

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The former deputy premier said he cannot go to bed with a government that does not take care of the basic needs of its people, but has concentrated on questionable accumulation of wealth and corruption.

“Kenyans are suffering. Already the president has ruled out that he does not care about the common mwananchi who can go on salivating while he eats meat. So how can I want to associate with such people? It is ANC’s mission to get rid of this bad government,” he said.

Ruto had indicated they had worked well with Mudavadi while they were in ODM and if they re-unite to further their ambitions for presidency together, they will get it.

But Mudavadi recalled that in 2012, Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta betrayed his trust after he had welcomed them to his home, prepared food for them and signed a pact that would later be denied by the two a few days later.

“Ruto has never said ‘thank you’ for the mandazi he ate in my house on that evening when they came and begged me to sign a pact with them that would have made me to run for presidency with their support, only for them to run up the following day while speaking a completely different language,” Mudavadi said.

Akaranga asked Mudavadi to remain steadfast in his bid for presidency noting he had already surmounted enough support from the ground.

“My Progressive Party of Kenya will support you fully for the presidency. You just have to leave the county for me so that I can take care of it,” Akaranga said.

But Mudavadi challenged him that if he is true to his word, he should join his ANC party and contest for the seat in it.

The two leaders further condemned the continued hate speech propagated by leaders regarding leadership wrangles at Moi University where sections of leaders have been asking for the government to grant the Vice Chancellorship to one of their own.

“Let the leaders be national and serious. Leaders shouldn’t introduce village jokes in running of national varsities. Reducing them to tribal enclaves should be condemned and stopped,” Mudavadi said.

He further asked Kenyans to be vigilant on the IEBC issue regarding the commissioners as government was plotting to prolong election date.

Mudavadi is expected to drum support for his ANC party in Kakamega County today in a bid to popularise it at the grassroots level.

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