Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto to be Flown to South Africa


isaac-rutoBomet Governor Isaac Ruto will be flown to South Africa to receive treatment for injuries he sustained on Sunday following a clash with police officers.

The Governor is set to jet out of the country on Tuesday morning for specialised treatment after he was reportedly hit by a tear gas canister on the face.

This came to light after being rushed to Nairobi Hospital where he spent the better part of Monday nursing injuries sustained during the attack.

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Ruto, on Sunday narrated the ordeal blaming security officers for lobbying the canister directly at him while dispersing a group of youth during a football match.

He disclosed that he went to Silibwet stadium after he received reports that police officers were harassing innocent youth who were playing football and had even arrested some of them.

Upon arrival, Ruto sought to find out who was in charge of security at the stadium in a bid to resolve the situation and have the young men released.

According to the Governor, it was during that time that the police officers attacked and lobbed the canisters that directly hit him under the eye.

After visiting the governor in hospital, CORD leader Raila Odinga condemned the incident and indicated that the attack was an act of intimidation being employed by the government.

“The country must not be allowed to recede into the era of primitive use of State resources for the protection of partisan and illegal political interests,” part of Odinga’s statement read.

Odinga further urged members of the public to fearlessly stand against vices being propagated by the Jubilee administration.

“Going by the trend, we have reason to believe things will take more ominous turn as we get closer to elections and as Jubilee comes under greater scrutiny. It must not be allowed to be the shape our politics and public life again. We have been here before and we must never go there again,” Odinga stated.

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