Martha Karua Badly Embarrassed by Uhuru’s Team


Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua has been castigated by a section of Jubilee officials in Kirinyaga County, where she has declared political interest.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the local leaders objected Karua’s sudden change of heart to support the Jubilee government saying that she had all along been a “nuisance” to the Head of State.

The team faulted Karua for opposing the government all along, only for her to have a light heart towards President Uhuru Kenyatta when she required their support for the gubernatorial position.

The leaders vowed not to back any aspirant who is not in the Jubilee Coalition, warning Karua to either ditch her Narc Kenya party or she would lose.

“We won’t allow anyone to come disturb Uhuru from within. She has been troubling us all these years but has suddenly turned friendly. Which Bishop baptised her so that she can now start supporting the President?” one of the supporters posed.

“If we elect Karua, she will disturb Uhuru 10 times more than she has done. If you elect a Narc Kenya candidate you better not vote for Uhuru. We can’t elect thugs to go trouble Uhuru for the remaining five years. We won’t allow her here unless she joins Jubilee,” another declared.

A few weeks ago, the former Justice Minister declared she would battle it out with former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru for the Kirinyaga Governor’s seat.

She further added that she was comfortable with Kirinyaga electorates re-electing President Kenyatta maintaining that she would stick to her party.

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  1. ibrae says

    martha karua is a woman of understanding,, she doesn’t compromise the wrong in the government and if she battles with uhuru it will always be for the good of the society.. fairness anfd justice is part of her..for those who are soo naive and thinking that uhuru is an angel not to be corrected bare in mind the government is by the people for the people..

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