Do Most Kenyan Women Need Anger Management Classes?



An article in one of the local dailies written by Mike Mswati talks about Kenyan women, and how they have become an angry lot. It suggests that women are no longer the nice, polite, gentle and lovely caregivers that our mothers used to be. Apparently modern women have become grumpy, moody and an angry lot that whines about their men according to the article.

It goes further to say that you only need to check out their social media posts to see how angry Kenyan women have become.

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Mwalimu agreed with the author of the article saying that compared to Ugandan women, Kenyan women have no respect for their men.

Maina then asked; “Girls, do yo agree that you need anger management classes? Guys, does this article make sense?

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By Maina Kageni

  1. LWK says

    Have you ever thought that maybe it is the other way around–the men have no respect for women and therefore treat them like trash. Anyone would get angry after being treated like trash. Women are valuable human beings and should be treated like human beings, not trash. I have heard Kenyan men calling (without any provocation) their wives and their onwn children things like “You little piece of garbage.” It is the Kenyan men who need schooling on how to be better husbands and fathers and then perhaps there would be less conflict in the families. Most pastors can attest to them but probably won’t since they don’t want to offend the men. I see Kenyan women putting up with a lot more than Ugandan or Rwandan women ever have to put up with in silence. Venting on social media may be the only outlet they have. I don’t hear them shouting down their husbands. They are respectful. This after men ignore their families, create secret new families, take the money that women earn and leave them with nothing, do not come home for no reason and so a wife doesn’t know where her husband is, or he just disappears for days on end or sometimes years on end. Also, beating a wife is acceptable in Kenya; and so as long as they use violence freely, there will be no peace in the family, unless it is the peace of tyranny wherein there is fear. But love does not come out of fear. Words of anger can be resolved, hopefully, but beating leaves permanent damage both psychologically and in every which way and causes anger. Beat trees or stones or the ground, but not women and children; because if you do, you are teaching them violence and it will come back on you like a plague.

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