February 5, 2017 was New Haven Connecticut time, to go to the Streets to denounce the  Executive directive from President Donald Trump,  to ban immigrants from coming to USA.
The great march which was organized by the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services,  was attended by among other Leaders, Representative Rosa Delauro,  Senator Richard Blumenthal, the New Haven Mayor, Tony Harp and the Director of the Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services Mr. Cris George.
New Haven has joined other states which believe that USA is an Immigrant Nation.
It all tarted with what was considered a simple travel ban and nearly all the Airports in USA were flooded with protesting Americans. Soon that was followed by green cards revocation of the 60,000 Visas, raising the concerns of some questions about the ultimate agenda of the ban .  What was to be next if not for the intervention of Judge, no one knows? State Dept. refutes DOJ’s claim that U.S. revoked 100,000 visas due to Trump travel ban.
How simply and fast this events have  started to take place  here in the United States of America, It all so simply started the same way in Germany in 1920, when antisemitism and the prosecution of Jews through a Nazi Ideology program was drafted and put in place very swiftly.
Then there were numerous protests which took place here and there in USA,  with one which took place in New York City.

What followed latter Germany after all that, has remained one of the biggest history of the world we are living in today (the Holocaust).

Isaac Newton Kinity.

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