Video: Comedian Njugush Beaten Up By Wife for not taking her to two Rivers


After much hype and many postponements, East Africa’s biggest shopping mall, Two Rivers Mall, opened on Valentine’s Day.

The three-storey mall has cost Centum Investments upwards of Sh15 billion, plus another Sh5.8 billion for the supporting infrastructure.

As such, it has been the talk of the town and a beehive activity with a record 120,105 people visiting on Sunday alone.

However, it has not been smooth sailing for everyone with regards to the mall. According to comedian Timothy Kimani better known by his moniker Njugush, the mall is breaking households.

This is after he was beaten up by his wife who wanted Njugush to take her to the mall.

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  1. LWK says

    Maybe he told her that only prostitutes want to be taken out to on Valentine’s Day and that wives should not act like Prostitutes and stay home and cook him a meal like a good wife. That sounds like what a Kenyan man who had too many responsibilities to handle on Valentines might do to throw off his wife. Make her mad so she huffs and puffs and goes off in a pout and leaves him alone so he can go do whatever he wants to do…so what if his wife gets mad? It just means more free time for him. Also, I mean how does a woman beat up a man? Did he marry Arnold Schwartzenegger’s sister or something? I am sorry he got hurt though.

  2. LWK says

    Actually, it’s not very funny, even for a comedian.

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