VIDEO: Four drug suspects arrested in Mombasa

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Four drug suspects arrested in late-night raids in Mombasa

Police in Mombasa are holding four foreigners in connection with drug trafficking as the government intensifies the war on drugs.

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During the Friday night operation, police arrested two Seychelles nationals and two South Africans in Nyali, Mombasa.

A police officer said the two South Africans have been on their radar and they were in the country illegally.

They are accused to be involved in money laundering and drug trafficking.

While the other suspects are on the wanted list of the National Drugs Enforcement Agency in Seychelles, police said.


Sources say the two foreigners from South Africa are linked to the Akashas.

A vehicle which had documents of the Akasha family was impounded during the raid.

The two had been staying at a Nyali hotel for three months without paying.

According to officials they were planning to bring a shipment of madrax from India.

Authorities reiterate the fight on drugs will go on. “We will hunt them down one by one. Let them know that there’s time for everything,” said an official who spoke on condition of anonymity citing sensitivity of the natter.


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