No doubts, every good leader would wish to lead a happy, comfortable and a healthy community. Food, shelter, education, health care and clothing are essential ingredients of  a healthy, happy and a comfortable community.
Currently in Kenya, the comfort, the health and the happiness of the Kenyan community is in jeopardy, because of the uncontrolled and the limitless corruption. The future of the lives of the Kenyan people will remain uncertain, if corruption and the impunity surrounding it, will remain unchecked.
The inflation in Kenya today, is very high due to corruption. The services rendered to the Kenyan people is in total mess, due to corruption. Poverty and suffering of the common Kenyan is at a very high level, due to corruption. Those who render services to the Kenyan people are starved and underpaid, due to corruption. Some essential commodities in Kenya, are costing the same prize as in USA, yet there is no comparison between  the USA minimum pay of about $10 per hour (Kshs. 1,000) per hour, and the minimum pay in Kenya, which is about $0.30 per hour (Kshs. 30 per hour).
After a nanny (helper) who is required to look after a toddler, is starved and underpaid in a home,  often it is that toddler under her care who starves and suffers most.This is because in the absence of the master, the nanny shares with the toddler the  food left for the Toddler by the Master.
Similarly, after the servants who provide essential services to the Kenyan people are starved and are underpaid, it is the citizens who suffer most as a result. The servants loot all the money intended for the services and/or sell the services to the citizens in order to compensate the underpayment and the starvation.
In order for any governance in  Kenya to succeed in improving the living conditions of those in abject poverty, and also to improve the lives of the servants of the people of Kenya, who are currently very underpaid, the war on corruption must be intensified. No suspect of corruption should be spared. Only the intensity of the war on corruption will transform the lifestyle of those in agony in Kenya,  into comfortable, happy and healthy lives. Relieving jobs, sending home or deploying those who already are suspects of corruption, would not solve any problems in Kenya, but instead, such measures will continue to act as a catalyst, and will therefore continue to help to intensify and to speed up corruption in Kenya. The only solution to the corruption in Kenya, will be to arrest, to prosecute and to recover all the stolen money, from those proved guilty.
It is important for the future Administration in Kenya  to stop corruption, so that not only the lives of the common Kenyan can be improved but so that also the minimum salaries for the Kenya Army recruits can be raised from $72 per month to about $300 per month, Kenya Defence Forces KDF Starting Salary » Page 2 of 2 », so that the minimum salaries of the Kenya Army Cadets can be raised from $118.52 per month to $500,, so that the minimum salaries of the salaries of the Kenya Civil Servants can be raised from $149.10 per month to $320 per month Kenya Civil Servants and Teachers Salaries & Allowances , so that the minimum salaries of the Kenya teachers can be raised from $256.92  per month to $350 per month  Teachers Salaries & Allowances in Kenya (TSC Salary Scale) | Venasnews|Breaking News,Entertainment,Careers,Business,Politics  , and so that the minimum salary for the Kenya police can be raised from $320 per month to $330 per month   New pay structure for police officers   .

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