Pick Raila for NASA and Uhuru will be back, says Kalonzo ally


I dare to speak out. Because this calculated silence is part of a well calculated scheme to betray a noble, national cause. Yes it is. Let me be clear from the onset. Those who claim to speak for and on behalf of Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka must be candid and unapologetic about what the Wiper leader stands for. I am not authorised to speak for Muvisi. But I can and will speak for myself. And not just for myself, for many Kenyans. When will NASA name its presidential candidate? I ask this question because on the day that the all-important pronouncement is made, Kenya and the world will know who the fifth president of Kenya will be.

This silence is killing me. Although I have declared that I do not speak for SKM, on this matter I know I am speaking for millions of Kenyans. I am not a prophet of doom. In fact I am true patriot; a son of this country who means well for all. But I smell a rat. I saw urgency in crafting and signing the NASA accord. And now I see reluctance and machinations to delay the naming of NASA presidential candidate. Reason? To lock all the four principals until the last minute and then the grand schemer is declared the flag bearer. I must sound a warning.

This scheme will backfire badly. And if you think I am lying, ask the average Kenyan voter on the street. I have previously added my voice to the reasonable argument that a Kalonzo/Musalia Mudavadi presidency is the only NASA ticket that would send Jubilee home early in the morning on August 8, 2017. Forget what opinion pollsters tell you. They were wrong on Brexit, they were wrong on the US elections. Listen to the voter next to you. And to get closer to the truth, ask someone at random from another community.

Kalonzo has the wealth of experience in government needed to manage the affairs of this country. He has a dependable profile of national, regional and international network of development partners including sitting and former presidents. He doesn’t evoke strong emotions of fear and resentment. He is a true patriot, a unifier and at the ripe age to lead this country.

A Kalonzo presidency is good for every community in this country, including constituencies that largely align with the other side of the political divide. And now I must drop two bombs. One, those who pretend to speak for and on behalf of Kalonzo; the men and women who ooze vanity at every twist and turn, be warmed.

Kenya is watching you as you put one road block after another to stifle Kalonzo’s bid for the presidency. You must be politically neutered for Kalonzo to reclaim the space he must get to spread his wings. And on this one, the writing is clearly on the wall. Traitors must and will be exposed. Two, if our NASA co-principal Raila Odinga is declared the coalition presidential candidate, Kenyans should prepare for another five years of UhuRuto presidency.

So Raila, a leader I know has sacrificed so much even for me to enjoy the democratic space to speak truth to him, has the most important choice to make. He can choose to support a Kalonzo presidency and achieve his objective of saving Kenyans from the Jubilee bondage of corruption, tribalism and a collapsing economy.

But he can also choose to bulldoze his way to the NASA presidential candidate and hand UhuRuto clear victory on the ballot. I speak to you Raila. I address you Mudavadi and implore you Moses Wetang’ula. Who would you want to be Kenya’s fifth president? Kalonzo or Uhuru Kenyatta… the choice is yours. As for me and millions of other Kenyans, that choice is as clear as it can get.

By Enoch Wambua-Kitui Senate seat aspirant



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  1. Anonymous says

    kalonzo do not be cheated by your people

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