After wars with Nanok, Joho, Uhuru turns heat on Kingi


After his verbal attacks on Governors Josephat Nanok and Hassan Joho, President Uhuru Kenyatta has turned the heat on Kilifi’s Amason Kingi.

Uhuru told Kingi to stick to his lane and work towards fostering development in the county instead of hurling insults at the Jubilee administration.

Uhuru expressed anger at how Kingi has been “lying to people” about national government projects in his county.

“As leaders we should try keep off divisive politics and work towards uniting the country. We should not be insulting each other … I always wonder what problem your Governor has. The money he is using…ask him where it comes from. It’s my government that gives him the money,” he said.

“Whenever we do any projects in Kilifi, he claims they are from World Bank. It does not matter where the money for the project came from. The most important thing is that the money benefits the public.”

He spoke on Monday when he launched the upgrading of Bamba-Marikani road in Bamba town to bitumen standards.

The President told Kingi that his duty was to inform the electorate of projects he has initiated since taking over power after the March 4, 2013 general election.

“Do not talk about my projects because I have a mouth and can speak for myself,” Uhuru said.

The President called Nanok a “foolish devil” and said his county was a shameful example of poor service delivery to Kenyans.

Uhuru noted that the county received a sum equal to the total amount sent to Kiambu and Uasin Gishu counties.

“Turkana deserves to develop at the same pace as other counties and its residents have a right to receive efficient and effective services under the devolved unit,” he said.

Joho was barred from attending Uhuru’s launch of the Mtongwe ferry. The President later asked him to stop following him around as if they were married.


DP William Ruto said the area was still languishing in poverty and underdevelopment despite receiving large allocations from the national government.

“Every financial year Kilifi receives over Sh9 billion. With this allocation we should not be talking of water problems,” said Ruto.

“Agriculture is fully devolved and yet you are still food-insecure. This should stop by making sure you vote in credible leaders who are ready to serve you.”

The Deputy President further criticised Kingi saying he had allowed his government to be controlled from Mombasa.

“You need to vote in leaders who will treat Kilifi as a county and not a subcounty of Mombasa. Don’t let yourselves be controlled by a sultan whose ambition is to rule the whole Coast region,” he said.

The attacks by Uhuru and Ruto were criticised by Opposition leaders; ODM MPs said on Monday that it was hypocritical for Uhuru to advise against insults yet turn to them when cornered.


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