My short experience in America-Three distinct groups of people

My short experience in America-Three distinct groups of people
My short experience in America-Three distinct groups of people

I have been learning the system here and I can confirm that people here require help as much as we do at home if not more.

There are three distinct groups of people in America.

The rich who own the systems that offer service and instruments of wealth generation (the government here own very little. It sets regulations and create the Infrastructure for the private sector to deliver all services at an affordable fee)

The working class who keep this systems going(they are paid just enough to afford to buy the items being made by the systems owners. So long as you are working, you can afford to pay your monthly bills. When you have a shortfall, no problem. Buy on credit )

Then there are the mentally  poor who survive on welfare if you are a citizen. For non citizens,  you become a burden to your community like churches if you fellowship or pple from home. There are also charitable organisations that offer some form of assistance

You are either in any of these 3 categories
It is the second group where most of our people fall

Unfortunately, most do not understand the setup. They compare life here and back at home and get a feeling they’re better off than folks at home because jobs are readily available and can afford to live to the standards here( rent a house and furnish it better than we do back at home, buy a comfortable car which is a dream at home, pay your bills and continue working for the factory owners until old age catches up with you.
This is when you realise you never planned for your retirement. The system here is unforgiving
You pay for everything including your own funeral(they plan and finance for their funeral when alive)

With all these burdens, the workers here never live
Their have become working machines to keep the systems running
If you fall sick and not work, you fall behind on your bills because you’ve not setup alternative income to support you

By Maina Azimio

My short experience in America-Three distinct groups of people 

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  1. Mukami Mugo says

    Very insightful.

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