Thursday, April 18, 2024

Uhuru Issues Trans Nzoia Title Deeds-Waive All Other Chargers

President Uhuru Kenyatta Thursday issued 6,000 title deeds to Trans Nzoia County residents and announced that another 120,000 will be handed over within the next six weeks.

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The President announced that beneficiaries would not be charged any stamp duty as the government has waived the more than Sh1.2 billion they would have been charged. The Government will also waive all other chargers the beneficiaries would have been charged.

The titles were issued as President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto toured the county that is part of the region that is regarded as Kenya’s breadbasket.

The issuance of the 6,000 titles today has taken the number of title deeds issued since President Kenyatta came into power to above the 2.8 million mark.

“We want to make sure that every Kenyan has a title for the land he or she owns,” said the President.

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The President and his deputy announced that as part of the Jubilee Administration’s plan to boost food production, the Government would reduce the price of fertiliser to Sh1,200 from Sh1,500 effective from December in readiness for the next planting season.

The President said the new prices will become effective December to allow farmers to buy the product ready for the next planting season. The prices of subsidised seeds will also go down to Sh120.

President Kenyatta also toured the Agricultural Development Centre Modern Semen Centre, which the Government has established at the cost of Sh1 billion.

President Kenyatta said the development of the facility is part of the government’s plan to boost food production in the area.

“We know that Trans Nzoia and the neighbouring counties are the breadbasket of Kenya. Besides lowering prices of fertiliser the new bull centre will also enable farmers to get AI for their cows to improve breeds to boost milk and meat production,” said the President.

President Kenyatta also announced that his administration will release Sh200 million to pay the salary arrears of 25,000 employees of ADC farms.

The arrears have accumulated since the year 2000 when the ADC farms experienced financial challenges.

President Kenyatta said the shortage of maize in the country is a result of the drought that affected food production in Trans Nzoia in the previous season.

“We have travelled across Trans Nzoia today and we have seen that we expect a bumper harvest this year and we will support you,” said the President.

He announced that maize imports will stop once the current maize crop is harvested.

The President, who led Jubilee campaigns in Trans Nzoia today, called on the residents of the county to vote for him as well as all other Jubilee candidates.

He said he leads a team that is determined to change the live of Kenyans and is not ready to engage in insults with the opposition.

In Cherangany, President Kenyatta and Deputy President called on current MP Wesley Korir, who lost in the Jubilee nominations to work with the party.

The President started his tour of Trans Nzoia with a rally at Kobos before proceeding to hold more rallies in Endebes, Matisi, Kitale town, Kitale showground, Sibanga, Kaplamai, Maili Saba and finally Moi’s bridge.


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