2.1 million Kenyans beat the deadline to file Taxes-KRA

Employees of the Kenya Revenue Authority leave the headquarters in Nairobi after office hours, November 10, 2015. /REUTERS

More than 2.1 million Kenyans filed their tax returns before the June 30 deadline, compared to the 1.1 million who did so last year.

KRA said this in a statement on Saturday and praised the public for the effort, both online and at their offices.

The taxman said they received approximately 100,000 returns as day as the deadline came to a close on Friday.

“We commend all taxpayers who filed their 2016 returns and urge them to file as early as January in the coming year,” read the statement.

The Kenya Revenue Authority noted the deadline will not be extended. Those who missed it will accrue charges of Sh20,000 for every day that counts, compared to last year’s Sh1,000.

The Treasury expects KRA to collect Sh1.7 trillion in ordinary revenue in financial year 2017-18.

Filing returns prevents the payment of unnecessary penalties but Kenyans do not know they spend about an hour and six minutes a day working for the government.

According to TaxClock Kenya, if you earn at Sh20,000 a month it means you earn Sh119 per hour.

This translates to paying Sh2,758 a month in taxes, which is Sh131 a day.

This leaves such a citizen about six hours to do his or her job, on the regular 8am to 5pm schedule.

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