Calm returns to Kisumu after two days of police crackdown


An uneasy calm has returned to Kisumu and its environs after two days of destruction of property and heavy police clampdown on residents protesting presidential election results.

The town’s Central Business District slowly limped back to life as security officials cleared boulders and burnt tyres from the roads.

Tension however continued to hung over residential estates where police have been accused of using excessive force on residents. Many residents who sustained bullet wounds during the police operations were forced to nurse their injuries at home because the on-going nurses’ strike had paralysed medical services in public hospitals.

Police, armed to the teeth, continued to patrol the streets in what County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed said was meant to keep away criminals posing as political activists protesting the declaration of President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the August 8 election.

“The police are out there to protect innocent Kenyans from hooligans hiding behind political activism. We will continue with the patrols,” he said.


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