CoG will work with national government— Josephat Nanok

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Council of Governor Chairman Josephat Nanok

Council of Governors Chairman Josephat Nanok has said the county bosses’ lobby will change tact and start working closely with the national government to make devolution a success.

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The Turkana governor noted that the first term of devolution saw the CoG squabble with the national government and the Senate, hurting the spirit of devolution.


Speaking during the inauguration of Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti, Mr Nanok said he would forge a new relationship with the national government.

“As governors, our politics is that of development and devolution of resources. We want to work closely with the Senate, National Assembly and the national government executive to ensure all Kenyans benefit from devolution,” Mr Nanok said.

The COG chairman said they would work towards ensuring the second term of devolution bears fruit.

“The second term calls for unity of purpose. I urge all elected leaders in Isiolo to support the county government. In Turkana, we respect the decision of the Supreme Court and work with the government of the day,” he said.

While lauding the election of Dr Kuti, Mr Nanok said there was a need for the national government to allocate more resources to Isiolo, which sits at the centre of Vision 2030 projects.

“The oil pipeline from Turkana will pass through Isiolo. This county should get a lot of focus on development. We expect all the people of Isiolo to be reached by development,” he said.


Garissa Township MP Aden Duale said MPs were ready to support the new governors in making devolution work.

He said the pastoral communities were the biggest beneficiaries of devolution hence the need to support county governments.

“As pastoral communities, we supported the new Constitution due to devolution. However, despite many of our counties receiving a lot of money, we cannot feel the impact. This is why we are ready to support devolution and county leaders,” Mr Duale said.

Mr Nanok’s stance is a deviation from that taken by his predecessors, Isaac Ruto and Peter Munya, who were defeated in the August 8 elections.

The council of governors was always at loggerheads with the national government over allocation of funds, retaining of provincial administration among other issues.

Former COG chairs also hit out at the Senate and National assembly over laws that were deemed to stifle devolution.


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