Many Kenyans in the Diaspora are shocked to learn about the death of Ms Susan Njeri Kariuki, the owner, Director and the moderator of the Karisan media. Ms Susan, who was known by many Kenyans as friendly, social, honest, truthful and very patriotic was very strait forward in almost all her dealings.
She also exemplified extraordinary skills of journalism in the management of the Karisan Media. Those who interacted with Susan in her official capacity or in her social and/or in her private life, attest to one fact, that Susan was a special lady in behavior and in discipline. She never wanted to see people in conflicts of in moods of anger. She always tried as hard as she could to intervene to normalize situations. She was a lady of high integrity.
Once again, we Kenyans in the Diaspora, have been robbed a lady with a lot of potentials to help in the solidarity of our communities here in the Diaspora and back home in Kenya, in terms of eradication of tribalism and in the war on corruption. Most of us will never forget Susan. She has left a gap that no one will ever fill. Susan Njeri Kariuki was a very special lady of unique character. She was very friendly, she was social, she was very courageous, she was very patriotic and she was honest and truthful in all that she said and did. She exercised true journalism through the Karisan Media.
Her death is a shock and a horror to millions of Kenyans in the Diaspora, worldwide. Susan made a name in the Diaspora. She was loved and admired by many. The millions in the Diaspora will dearly miss her. I will personally miss Susan who I knew personally and with whom I frequently interacted. I will miss her kind words of wisdom. May the Lord God Jehovah rest her soul in eternal peace.
Isaac Newton Kinity.

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