Best Message for Kenyans in Florida: Run!


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Having experienced several hurricanes in the Sunshine State, this one has caused a lot of concerns. After witnessing the Harvey misery in Huston where Kenyans in the Huston suburbs experienced flooding and rescue, these hurricanes are becoming a nightmare.  It is for this reason “Irma” and her husband “Jose” behind her from the “village” of Atlantic Ocean are not a welcome site.
What makes it more devastating, at least for me is seeing what Irma has done to the Caribbean Islands. These guys go through hurricanes every year and to hear them express their fear during Irma is not encouraging. One guy said that, “it was the most catastrophic thing I have experienced in my sixty years!” That caught my attention.
Therefore, I packed my cloths, got myself some water, bananas, bread, crackers, oranges and enough gas. Then I hanged out with my friends in Orlando. I offered them company so that we take off together away from this mad woman from the village of Atlantic Ocean. But Americans are interesting characters. They do not want to leave their dogs behind! Dog! in my village in Kenya dogs get fed outside and when it rains, they know how to take care of themselves. I suggested that they let the dogs be dogs and weather the storm like bears and dear. These animals were created by God to withstand storms.
But they said no. Therefore, affirming my manhood, which they questioned for not waiting for Irma, I argued that though I am a Kikuyu man circumcised at the age of 17 with kinsmen, I am getting into my SUV and heading out to the Carolinas. During the last hurricane in Florida, I migrated to Atlanta and my friend Kimani Wanguhu of KIM Media group hosted me. His wife’s cooking made me almost linger on for a month or so but, work called.
I just called my friends in Florida after enduring traffic on I-95 and suggested that they follow me north to the Carolinas. At least here it will have decreased in intensity. Will see whether they follow me. But if you are a Kenyan in Florida, pray for the best and RUN!
Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBLuff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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  1. Mary Ngati says

    I will heed your warning/advise for next time. No dog or cat here but travelling alone is no fun either. Good luck and stay safe.

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