Can President Uhuru edge Raila Odinga out of Western?


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It is a useful visit by President Uhuru Kenyatta to Western Kenya to the extent that it reminds the people that voted for him from that area that he is still on the race and needs their support once again. I think those who voted for him are likely to stay with him.

It is important that President Uhuru retains former Bungoma governor Ken Lusaka to secure the same votes that he brought on board during the August 8 General Election. It is an added advantage that he was made the Senate Speaker which secures myriads of votes for Jubilee.

Water Cabinet Secretary Eugine Wamalwa also secured many votes for the President in the region.

But former Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba is an object of ridicule and laughter in Luhyaland. People are appreciating that he is just there for comic relief and is bringing nothing on board. He did not deliver last time and he will not deliver this time round.

If I was to advice President Uhuru, I would tell him to ensure that he doesn’t loose what he got last time. He should stick with Lusaka and Wamalwa since they convinced people to vote for him.

Uhuru should also stick with Webuye West MP Daniel Wanyama, Malava MP Malulu Injendi and Sirisia MP John Waluke because the votes that they brought are still on board.

Voters decided long time ago before August 8 and I don’t think anything significant will change this time round. In fact I don’t think this repeat election will be different from that of August 8.

The Supreme Court invalidated the election of President Kenyatta and we were told that everything remained as they were. The court found out that the outcome of election did not reflect the will of the people.

What NASA and Jubilee should be doing is to ensure they maintain their votes, but not that they are going to bring any new votes.

Looking at new people like Alfred Khang’ati, Moses Akaranga and Paul Otuoma, they are just like Meru ex-governor Peter Munya who would not bring anything new to NASA if he remained there.

Even when you look at the physical appearance of Khang’ati, you see a jilted lover who is on the rebound. A rebound doesn’t bring anything useful into a union.

Well, there is hardly anything new that NASA will bring after their tour to Western. The most critical thing for them is to ensure that the people that voted for them last time turn out to vote again.

BARRACK MULUKA- political analyst


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