Optiven appreciates the Great people of Dallars-Texas

*Thanks-giving diner 8th Oct- at Westin hotel, John Carpenter road,Freeway 4545,Irving,Dallas-Tx*

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We appreciate the support we received from our friends, supporters, customers and friends of Optiven.
 It was extremely humbling to present several title  deeds for one of the  most desired extra value added project in Kitengela Township (Attach bosco link) and Shekina  gardens (link of latest video or Web link)
We look forward to moving with these customers to the next step of construction of homes in their plots. We remain your committed servants in empowering our partners in USA
We now look forward to touring and presenting titles in the following places:
1. Radisson Hotel, Atlanta, Marietta 1775 Parkway Place on 14th October at 6:00pm
2.Wyndam Anaheim, Garden Grove 12021 Harbor Boulevard, Los Angeles 92840,CA on 20th-26th October at 6:00 am.
3 Sacramento at Rancho Cordova City Hall 2729 Prospect Park Drive, CA on 27th  -to 2nd November at 6:00 pm
In case you have an interest in creating wealth back in your homeland through partnering with Optiven l…call us on ….214 861 1226
We have special new for you. You only  need to call us for details. Its really unique & very special for you
We value you, great Kenyans in USA. We are proud of you. You are the very reason that Optiven is there.

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  1. Anonymous says

    My dad once told me…..” land is never expensive young man go a head buy land regardless of the quoted price. ..” I’m happy to invest with Optiven

  2. Victor says

    Wow…this is great, optiven is doing a good job building customer trust and showing reliability.

  3. Festys says

    Wow this is juat great from optiven limited. Helping clients achieve their dream. Keep going

  4. Joan says

    Optiven Promises and delivers,you can never go wrong with Optiven

  5. Anonymous says

    With genuine land you can never go wrong with Optiven you have the right partner from Land Investment

  6. Mark says

    I really like what Optiven does.. They’ve taken this whole empowerment thing to a whole new level!

  7. Sidi says

    Wow, Optiven once again building authenticity and credibility. Job well done guys.

  8. Mwangi Felix says

    I recommended a friend to purchase property at Optiven and the feedback was great. Great customer service, you get value for your money and they walk with you to realizing your home ownership dream. I would recommend Optiven to anyone else interested in purchasing property.

  9. George Wachiuri says

    Very humbling to see these comments

    We are servants. In God we trust

  10. Antony says

    Investment back at home in land ownership and with a credible company as Optiven tge returns are certain.
    Looking forward for the Victory Gardens in Kitengela.
    God bless you George and Stephen for spreading the love.

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