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Raila Odinga humbled by London-based international media house

  • The international media house accused NASA’s Raila Odinga of planning violence
  • The article has rubbed NASA diehards the wrong way and they have ganged up against the respected media house

hashtag #TheEconomistLies:

A renowned London media house, The Economist, has accused NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga of planning to use violence to force his way to power.

The respected international media house published an article on Wednesday that contained profane statements against the former premier’s strategies of trying to rise to power.

This development comes after Raila Odinga withdrew his candidature in the October 26th presidential polls and left the country for a two-day trip in UK. His trip, according to the article, is a move aimed at drumming the support of the international community on his withdrawal.

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Raila left the country for the UK on Wednesday

The article- Raila Odinga takes a gamble by threatening to boycott Kenya’s election– quotes that Odinga’s decision to withdraw from the repeat polls depended on threats of violence that he hopes his supporters will engage in to stop the repeat polls.

By walking away, Mr Odinga seems to be gambling on his ability to threaten chaos to push Mr Kenyatta to negotiate- A section of the article reads.

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The article rubbed NASA supporters the wrong way and they have ganged up on social media to bash the international media house. Here are some of the reactions:

Mr Odinga seems to be gambling on the threat of chaos to push incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta to negotiate 

 now I fully understand why my forefathers fought these imperialists! Who is Uhuru? A god? Kenya is for pple includin Nasa

IEBC/Jubilee will soon find out that there can never be Presidential election without Raila Odinga on the ballot!

We have a situation here where Western Press think they understand Kenya’s systems and can decide who is flouting them. 

With all fairness Raila Odinga cannot participate in an election without rules, with only one agenda: To coronate Uhuru! 

NASA 72-page statement provided ample rationale for @RailaOdinga withdrawal from flawed predetermined polls @TheEconomist 

What do you call a player who changes the rules of the game during the game? That’s what JUBILEE is. Your PR is hogwash 

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