Murkomen wears NASA’s ‘resist’ cap and KOT goes wild


Kipchumba Murkomen wore NASA’s ‘resist’ cap during a football with the Siaya team on Saturday.

The Nairobi team lost, the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator said in a tweet accompanied by a photo on Saturday.

“Our football team beat Nairobi county in the round of 16&W. Pokot in 1/4 finals. We lost to Siaya county by 1 nil at the semifinals [sic],” he wrote.

“We accepted the results & wished them success. Sports teaches us to RESIST All forms of divisions, tribalism & violence. We had light moments with Siaya team [sic].”

‘Resist’ became a popular term after Raila Odinga’s NASA announced it would boycott products by three companies that it claimed sided with Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

On November 2, the Opposition unveiled merchandise for its National Resistance Movement, including T-shirts and caps branded ‘resist’ with the symbol of a  clenched fist.

Murkomen’s post elicited mixed reactions from his supporters, some asking him not to wear the cap.

“Resist is not your league. Leave it alone,” ‘@ItsTumaini’ said.

‘@MburuNF’ said “Wee…hio kofia umevaa hapana (that cap you are wearing…no.”

Kefa Kefamayieka told the Senate majority leader he did not think his action was intentional.

“Leave the resist fraternity alone,” the Twitter user said, while one ‘@oriengomathan’ simply asked “What’s that on your head?”

Savage Elder wrote: “Wewe usharesist bwana. Ukivaa hiyo kofia hakuna kurudi nyuma. Karibu (You have already resisted. There is no going back once you out on that cap).”

Achoki DaVinci said: “Kuresist nako mkubwa…Kumbe uko side ya Baba na hutuambii (Resisting, sir…why didn’t you tell us you were on Baba’s side?).”

Benard Osew asked the Senator to “stop trying us”.

‘NASA will resist you’

Other users allied to the Opposition asked Murkomen to apologise for wearing the cap as the government did nothing when NASA supporters were killed during Raila’s homecoming.

NASA supporters were killed as crowds welcomed the NASA chief back from his US tour on  November 17. Police put the number at five but the opposition said more than 30 were killed and is planning a memorial on Tuesday.

“It is dishonour to the dead to wear their combat gear having stood in silence when they were being killed,” said ‘@Nashnicah’.

“You owe Luos an apology and those laughing with you should watch their backs. You are an egocentric, patriotic Kenyan fighting for nothing but his stomach. Shame.”

‘@Juniorlala’ said: “We are also resisting electoral fraud, bad governance, being ruled by a few, exclusivity, tribalism, despots…congrats for accepting defeat [sic].”

Brian Kipkemoi said: “Siaya just showed you that Kenyans will resist you.”

Paula Davies wrote: “I can feel what went through your nerves when they put that cap on you. Some chills and the kajasho kembamba (cold sweat)…ha haa. Anyway, sports is a big uniter if well embraced [sic].”

Dan Mgoyah said “good that you make our resistance movement” while ‘Last Bone’ said Murkomen may have been forced to put the cap on.

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