Corridors of Power: What is Eugene Wamalwa’s game plan?


Corridors of Power: What is Eugene Wamalwa's game plan?ARE political leaders in the Western region jostling for visibility? Well, sources tell Corridors that a second-term governor with ambitions for higher office has recently been talking to a top Jubilee leader about 2022.

That seems to have made some rivals jittery and intensify plans to command the ground. Not a weekend passes without the leaders attending a wedding or a funeral here and there.

Maybe that explains why Water CS Eugene Wamalwa has been on a roll this Christmas, albeit dogged by missteps. After being unceremoniously ejected from the Maragoli festival on Boxing Day, the unrelenting CS was not so lucky hours later. He arrived uninvited at an informal gathering of professionals in Bumula constituency, which prompted other local leaders to troop in.

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But his closing remarks were rudely interrupted by a NASA governor when he criticized Musalia Mudavadi and told his audience to review their support for Raila Odinga.  He was forced to leave hurriedly but the undeterred CS was back in the same constituency the next day, raising the question: What is he up to?


CONCERN has emerged among NASA’s top leadership that they might lose a chunk of their followers if they don’t live up to the promise of swearing-in Raila Odinga. Our source says that though the masses will not join the ruling Jubilee Party, there is fear they could gravitate towards or form another third force and threaten the political ambitions of the current leadership.  This as Raila’s own future looks far from clear.


SO why should a governor complain about ethnic exclusion when he has devolved the same to his county? Well, this is the question some professionals are asking of some three governors in Nyanza. In public, they criticize the national government for ethnic discrimination, yet in their own administrations, employment is based on what one did during their election campaigns. A source close to the governors described the hiring procedures to Corridors as “savage”. Is the Public Service Commission, led by Margaret Kobia, aware of this maladministration and HR mess? Will the counties ever hire genuine professionals?


THE police top brass is struggling to manage their juniors — believed to be liberal — who are determined to expose the dirty linen in the service. Most of the junior officers have registered pseudo social media accounts and are don’t shy from attacking their bosses. A top cop told Corridors that initiatives to stop the officers from joining social media have failed, despite sending out many orders.  A little bird in the force tells Corridors that part of the main issues which have seen junior officers turn on their bosses with guns include mistreatment and intimidation.

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