WHAT A WONDERFUL GESTURE BY PRESIDENT UHURU KENYATTANo doubts, the free secondary education in Kenya which starts next year, will be a history that will be remembered by very many generations to come.

Children from poor families who  have for decades missed secondary education because of the lack of school fees, will be blessed to see the doors of secondary schools in future, no matter how poor their parents will be.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s executive order for free secondary education is not only a relief to the poor families in Kenya but it is also a blessing to the entire Nation of Kenya. Already word has been sent out to Kenyans by the government, that no fee will be required from those going to high schools next year.

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At first, when he mentioned about free secondary education in Kenya during the campaigns, most Kenyans thought it was a campaign game and a strategy  to win the elections. Of course it was not the first time for Kenyans to witness such promises during campaigns in every election before, when none such promises  were ever realized thereafter.

It has always been common for the Kenya politicians to give false promises to the electorate during the campaigns, in the hope of winning elections. But this time, President Uhuru Kenyatta has surprised Kenyans with his wonderful promise, which has become a reality.

As Kenyans wait anxiously to hear President Uhuru Kenyatta’s second promise and  subsequent action, to end  the rampant corruption in Kenya  during his second term, before he leaves office, I wish to Congratulate him for this historical action of the free Secondary education for the Kenyan Children.

This is an assurance that no child will be left behind in education in Kenya in future, regardless of the poverty of the parents.

Isaac Newton Kinity.

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  1. Mjadili says

    Free Education is Going to be on Borrowed Money; and a Debt and Curse to Kenya’s Future Generation (that will be paying for it via Taxation).

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