VIDEO: Robbers Kidnap Bride on her Wedding Eve in Kiambu


Robbers Kidnap Bride A bride’s special day was nearly ruined after suspected robbers kidnapped the bride in Micobo, Kiambu County.

The bride, Eunice Kathure, was heading to the best man’s home on Friday accompanied by the bridesmaid, two flower girls, and the best man who was driving the car when the incident occurred.

When they arrived, the best man noticed something was wrong after the watchman took longer than usual to open the gate. It was then that he noticed that his home had been broken into and they were walking into a trap.

According to reports, the best man took off leaving the other four in the car with the engine still running.

The robbers, realizing that they had been compromised, came out of the house and took captive of the remaining four victims. After a brief altercation, the bridesmaid too escaped.

The gang then drove off with Kathure and the two flower girls amid pleas from the bride to let them go. After driving for 200 metres, they stopped the car and freed the two flower girls.

They then sped off with the bride who tried to explain to them that she was getting married in the morning but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“They threatened that my wedding was not going to happen but after I started crying, they reassured me that they would not do anything to me and that I would still have my wedding,” Kathure explained.

The robbers went on to loot the valuables in the car including the bride’s phone and wedding gifts before eventually returning the car keys to Kathure and letting her go.

Despite the unfortunate event, the wedding ceremony went on as planned on Saturday with the now free bride and the bridegroom terming the robbery as a “distraction” from the happiest day of their life.

“The wedding was always going to happen because the thieves were not targeting us anyway.We love each other and we want to enjoy our wedding day,” said the bride.

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