This Man David Mwangi Ndii: Chief Strategist For NASA


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This Man David Mwangi Ndii: Chief Strategist For NASA
This Man David Mwangi Ndii: Chief Strategist For NASA: Kenyan scholar David Ndii

National Super Alliance (Nasa) Chief Strategist David Ndii has never minced his words in criticising the Jubilee administration.

Dr Ndii, an economist, has not only been vocal about corruption, misrule, and extrajudicial killings among other economic and social ills, but also came out publicly to call for secession of a part of Kenya.


He has called for the formation of the People’s Republic of Kenya — which excludes central Kenya and some parts of the former Rift Valley and Eastern provinces.

In one of his popular columns in the Saturday Nation titled, ‘Kenya is a cruel marriage, it’s time we talk divorce’, Dr Ndii in 2016 called for the breakaway, arguing that the country is more polarised and angry than ever before.

“When people find that they cannot live together they part company. Kenya is for the most part an abusive relationship. It is about time we start talking about ending it. This ought not to be a difficult conversation,” reads an excerpt from the article.

Dr Ndii has been a thorn in the flesh of the government over his sustained call for secession, which he renewed after the August 8 General Election.


In June as the country was preparing for the August 8 polls, Dr Ndii made outrageous remarks that were widely criticised by Kenyans on Twitter.

He warned the Jubilee administration against rigging the poll.

“Let me quote myself: If Uhuru Kenyatta is declared winner in another sham election, this country will burn,” Dr Ndii tweeted.


As part of his engagement with Nasa, the economist was among seven members appointed last week to guide the formation and implementation of the People’s Assembly.

The work of the committee will be to guide, facilitate and co-ordinate the programme of the various county assemblies that have so far passed the motion for the formation of the assemblies, whose ultimate goal is a fresh General Election or the path of self-determination.

The team will present its report to the Nasa principals before December 12 — a date on which Raila Odinga said he would be ‘sworn in’ as the people’s president.

It is not yet clear whether his arrest in Kwale last night is related to his association with the opposition.


According to Mr Odinga’s Spokesman Dennis Onyango, Dr Ndii was arrested over incitement claims.

Dr Ndii has on many occasions said that the opposition is prepared to do everything it takes to attain electoral justice in Kenya.

“From peace to pieces. Ballot to bullet. Poll to pain. We shall pay the price. From the rouge police to ethnic profiling. We were all Kenyans until the government classified us, greed separated us and police disregarded us,” Dr Ndii said just after police denied the opposition a chance to hold a rally in Jacaranda grounds on the day President Uhuru Kenyatta was being sworn in at Kasarani, Nairobi.

“Mugabe was sworn in, the people removed him. Kibaki was sworn in the people rejected him. That’s why we are back to the People’s Assembly. Egypt shall tell you more. We refuse dialogue at the expense of electoral justice.”



This Man David Mwangi Ndii: Chief Strategist For NASA

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