Diaspora Scholar’s Auntie Murdered by Her Son in Law


Diaspora Scholar’s Auntie Murdered by Her Son in Law87-year-old Rehab Kimani, a widow and the youngest and only remaining daughter in law to Pastor Johana Nyenjeri, founding pastor of Kijabe mission was stabbed to death by her son in law early this week. According to her only son Colonel John Nyenjeri Kimani (retired), his sister had separated from her husband where they have been living with the husband’s parents since they got married. He reported that the reason for the separation was due to, the husband not building a home for them on their piece of land. They had lived with her in-laws for over 20 years.

According to Colonel Kimani, after moving to her mother’s house, the husband used to come and visit. This week, he came with a friend and finding the wife not there, he started a heated argument with her mother. One of her grandchildren was there and was requested by the grandmother to go to the kitchen and make chai for the guests. It is at this time that the two men took advantage of the old lady and stabbed her to death! Mama Nyenjeri as she was known in Gigiengo and Kijabe area was over 87 years old and used a walking stick to move around. She was suffering from arthritis but was otherwise in good health.

Rehab Kimani was the auntie (young mother) to professor Teddy Njoroge Kamau of Florida. In his statement, professor Kamau remembered her as a regular Kenyan church going women who after raising her children was enjoying her old age peacefully with her grandchildren. “She was a dedicated mother and grandmother to all of us. She was the most peaceful women I knew. She reminded me of my late mother and it was a joy to know that she was there. How she died at the hands of a madman is a mystery.” He told BBN TV

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According to professor Kamau, children should be careful when choosing a lifelong mate. “It is important that people vet those mates who will become fathers and mothers to their children. In the modern era where the old cultural filtering system of dowry vetting has been forgotten, it is important that the role is taken by the church community. The Bible warns against being unequally yoked for a reason.” Professor Kamau said. He counseled saying, “the DNA of Cain and the historical curses described in scripture remain and in the absence of Jesus Christ and the cleansing power of salvation, people bring into their families’ mad men and women who become an anathema to their peaceful and salvific inheritance. Even growing up in a peaceful and Christian mission station like Kijabe does not cover you, it is only decisions based on what the bible says that can be the grace that protects us.”

He recalled that a few months ago while he was still in the United States, his auntie who traditionally was known as ‘Maitu Muyinyi” (Younger mother) went to look for him at his home in Kijabe. “She thought I was in Kenya. I guess she wanted to say goodbye, but I was not there. The Picture was taken by a family member when she came looking for me. That is who she was, a mother to all of us who did not have mothers. I am heartbroken.” He said in sadness

After stabbing her to death, her son in law together with his friend run away. The son in law was later found at his parent’s home in Githunguri where he had taken poison. He was rushed to the hospital. His friend is still at large, and the police are looking for him.

Rahab will be buried in Kijabe on Tuesday.

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