Kenyan woman dies after hit-and-run crash in Phoenix, Arizona

Kenyan woman dies after hit-and-run crash in Phoenix, ArizonaA Kenyan woman,Sheila Jeptanui Chuchuney of Phoenix has died after she was struck in a hit-and-run crash. Sheila was rushed to the hospital but died few minutes later.She is the daughter of Everlyn Lelei of Phoenix, Arizona.

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Family and friends are meeting every evening from 5pm at Evelyn Lelei’s home: Address-

5232 W Warner St,Phoenix 85043.


 -Bank Account#: Wells Fargo; Sheila Memorial Fund, Routing # 122105278; account # 6817755421.
Any help can be channeled through  Mary Waweru the treasurer,through cash app (402) 617-4471.
The tentative burial date is January 6, 2018.
Contact the folowing for additional questions:
•Francis Nyamete (chairman)
             (480) 797-8273
• Mary Waweru (Treasurer)
              (402) 617-4471
• Zeituni Sisiwa (Secretary)
•Maggie Ole Sabay (assistant secretary)
           (602) 750-7940
•Veronica Gumo (youth representative)
           (602) 688-3851
Everlyn Lelei cell # 3234452606
Stella Chuchuney cell #
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