Shelve oath plan, embrace dialogue with Uhuru, Atwoli tells Raila


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COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli has asked NASA leader Raila Odinga to shelve the swearing in plan.

He said the oath taking ceremony, which the People’s Assembly committee revamped on Thursday, has sparked worrying levels of anxiety.

Atwoli told the Opposition chief to instead agree to enter into a meaningful dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta to end the country’s political stalemate.

“COTU statistics indicate that over 100,000 jobs have been lost in the past four months of prolonged politics. The situation seems to be escalating with the hard stances on dialogue.”

In a January 5 letter to Uhuru and Raila, Atwoli said COTU is disturbed by the unending political exchanges in the country.

He advised the leaders that the dialogue should not be on ceding one’s current position or sharing the government but solely on the issues that pull Kenyans apart as a nation.

The labour movement boss further proposed that the talks should not be hinged on any pre-conditions, adding that they should not be marred by suspicions.

Atwoli said the union is more than ready to facilitate any engagements between Uhuru and Raila.

“The union holds both of you in such high esteem, we have no doubt that your physical meeting alone will go along way in making you greater and impact positively to Kenya’s social-economic and political spheres.”

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