We’re not US colony, Raila says, insisting on swearing-in


We’re not US colony, Raila says, insisting on swearing-inOpposition leader Raila Odinga has vowed to form a rival government when he is sworn in on January 30 even if it is based outside the country. Below is the Nasa leader’s interview with Voice of America.

VOA: A lot of people are talking about it. That Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka want to be sworn into office. Is the swearing-in ceremony on?

RAILA: First, you need to understand why we want to be sworn in. We do not recognise the October 26 presidential poll. And that is why we are going to the August 8 election and we will provide evidence soon that we won.

It is our basis for taking the oath on January 30. This is not a joke. On January 30, we will be sworn into office using the August 8 results.

 VOA: Some people are saying you may be sworn into office, alright, but what next? Where will you rule Kenya from because State House already has a tenant?

 RAILA: Being sworn in is to legitimise the genuine results. An illegitimate government is in power. The true government, the one Kenyans voted for, is outside. We will work just like any other government. We will form a cabinet.

We can even be a government in exile — one that runs from outside the country. It has happened in other countries. But what we say is that Kenyans will no longer be party to a rule by an illegitimate government, one that was not voted for by the majority.

 VOA: The punishment for treason is death, as explained by Attorney-General Githu Muigai. Don’t you feel you will be going against the Constitution you fought for?

 RAILA: I told Prof Muigai to go and tell that to the birds! Sovereignty is vested in the people, and can be exercised directly or through elected representatives. Kenyans have taken back their sovereignty because we have a situation of an illegal government.

And on January 30, we have invited Kenyans to my swearing-in, and we will continue with that power given by the people.

 VOA: There has been talk of problem in the National Super Alliance. You have had talks. Is it true? Some lawmakers have complained that the Orange Democratic Movement bulldozed other parties in the coalition and went against a deal on sharing Parliamentary positions.

 RAILA: There are no disagreements. Not a single one. Some people might be a little angry that I did not get that or that. That is normal in a family of many siblings.

But that does not mean we are breaking apart. Few people who missed out on the slots in Parliament may want to create small problems. Our enemies think that signals the end. Let them know that such a thing will not happen.

 VOA: Western diplomats have been pushing for talks between you and President Uhuru Kenyatta. Are there signs that such talks will go on?

RAILA: We are happy to have friends work with us but the fire needs to be extinguished by Kenyans themselves. It will be put out after Kenyans realise there is fire, that we have a problem and that we need a solution. Those friends of ours will come after we have helped ourselves.

Nasa has come up with a five-point agenda. We are waiting for Jubilee to put to the table its agenda. If Jubilee does not, we will not force them. We will go on with our plans, and they can go on with theirs, and then we will see where we meet.

 VOA: The US has warned against the use of unconstitutional means to ascend to power. What do you say?

 RAILA: They are our friends. They can advise us but they cannot force us. Kenya is not a colony of America. We are a free country. We will do as we want. It is not Nasa that has breached the Constitution. It is Jubilee that has created an illegitimate government.


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