Billy Graham Tribute: Silent now, but Rejoicing


Billy Graham Tribute: Silent now, but Rejoicing

Billy Graham Tribute: Silent now, but Rejoicing
Dr. Teddy Kamau

When Billy Graham went to Kenya in 1960, he touched the lives of many believers and challenged the young growing church to commit itself to the work of evangelism. Many people gave their lives to Christ! His legacy lived in the hearts and minds of those pastors who worked with him.

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Pastor Johanna Nyenjeri of Kijabe served as one of Billy Grahams’ interpreters during his visit. He always kept a picture of Billy Graham on his living room wall. When his Grandson Professor Teddy Njoroge Kamau asked him why he had that picture, he responded, “I always keep that picture to remind me of Billy Graham’s call to pray for the Church. It is to remind myself to pray for the church.” He said

The late pastor Timothy Kamau of Kijabe was greatly influenced by the work of Billy Graham and worked with the Billy Graham evangelistic crusade in 1960s. He was one of key speakers at Wheaton college during the World Evangelistic Congress, in 1966: In relating the work of Billy Graham’s evangelism after the visit by Billy Graham visit to Kenya, the organization wrote, “The relationship between a mission and the churches it helped start is not only complex but continuing.

Here is one image of the continuing and evolving contact: Timothy Kamau, director of the radio department of Africa Inland Mission in Kenya. He was in the United States to attend the Congress on the Church’s World Wide Mission in Wheaton 1966.” Billy Graham influenced the lives of millions of people and challenged thousands of pastors to evangelize. Now he RESTS awaiting the resurrection about which he preached and longed for. LENGENDARY!

Pastor Timothy Kamau Addressing church group during the World Evangelistic Congress in 1966. BBN TV


Billy Graham Tribute: Silent now, but Rejoicing

  1. Joe ONe1. says

    Good article.

  2. TIMOTHY says

    Wow!! God bless his work and his missioners as the word still is needed to reach many.

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