Fighting over Laundry? These Miserable Couple’s fights!


Fighting over Laundry? These Miserable Couple’s fights!

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We all need the same things in life. Whether you are a King or Queen, billionaire or micro-naire, Ph.D. or none of that, we all need the same things in life. It is life’s balancing act, the IT that calls us all to stop and behold what life is all about. We eat, drink, sleep, wake up, do something (work or walk about). That is basically the foundation of life. It is for these we work. Some steel, kill, maim, farm, teach, preach, drive, or spend time in an office staring at a monitor all day. All seek to provide for themselves and their families: Whether children, wife, husband relatives or friends, humanity works to live. Sorry, I almost forgot: We also pooop and peeee!

The act of living can however be composed of varieties. And that is where we differ. But whether you make a million dollars, or one thousand shilling a month, you will have the need for basic necessities. You find something to eat, you find cloths to wear, and you find a place to sleep. These are the basics. The other things like going for vacation in the Bahamas or Mombasa, or spending it at your own shelter are over rated. For even then, you will do the same things: eat, dress, walk and finally sleep! And whether you sleep in a mansion on a king size bed, a single sleeper, or even if you sleep on a mat on the floor, the issue is that you sleep.

These basic things do become complicated when it comes to responsibilities: Especially when it comes to the relationship between men and women. I am referring to husbands and wives! It is clear that when God created a man and a woman, his intention was perfect. It is hard to imagine that this God who provided all things for the benefit of man, declaring them all GOOD, would bring into existence creatures that would spend their life on earth fighting each other, causing misery to each other’s short lives. It is however clear that after Satan joined partnership with man, something went terribly wrong. It is here that we see these two creatures begin to blame each other and embark on a trip that even today brings so much distress! Genesis 3:1ff

Even a simple and usual task like doing laundry can become a source of grief! When you travel as much as I do, you cannot take the washing machine or the dryer with you. And when you stay in a resort that has 200 people, some with children and, you name it, the resorts laundry system becomes clogged. It is here that Americans have taken advantage and started businesses for laundry: Laundry mats. Here you meet all kinds of people with all kinds of issues. My work is always to sit back and listen. I always find entertainment in the lives of men! Or better, I always try to learn from the lives of men!

The other day, on one of these occasions, a ford explorer pulled up at a laundry mat. A white order lady came out from the passengers’ door. She opened the trunk and brought in loads of laundry. After she was done bringing them in, the SUV pulled out. She meticulously went through the laundry and separated the whites from the dark. She deposited them in the machines and did her laundry. She took them from the washer and put them in the dryer and they dried. Then, she begun to do things only ladies love to do! She begun to fold these cloths neatly, she had brought hangers and hanged the shirts and the dresses. It was a work of art! I cannot spend time doing that! I have been accused of being a perfectionist and a member of the mister clean club but this woman was all out.
After she was done, she picked her phone and called someone. The Ford
SUV came rolling in and she begun to load the laundry into the car. It was a lot of laundry and heavy too! When she was picking up the last bunch, she stopped and spoke to the laundry mat attendant. “Are you married?” she enquired from this immigrant lady. “Yes, I am.” She answered. “Well I thought you are not because I would have told you never to get married. That is my husband in the car and he won’t even come out to help me load this stuff in the car. I don’t mind doing the laundry, cooking and feeding him, but imagine he just packed the car out there and did not even open the door. I get so tired.”

I decided to walk outside. I pretended to be going to my SUV to pick something. Actually I wanted to see this guy. I saw him. He was a mid-seventy year old man sitting comfortably in the car waiting for his mid seventy year old wife to load the stuff. I bet when she went to their hotel, she put the laundry away in a well-organized fashion. She also went to the fridge and made some sandwiches, probably roast beef for both of them to eat. Then she asked him, “honey do you want something to drink.” Then he responded, “yeah, how about some root beer.” She maybe responded, “Ok dear! . . .” But in her heart, she wondered, “how in the world have I lived this long with this character,”

We all have the same needs, but life has other majaribus!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (Ph.D)
HTBluff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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  1. Paul M. says

    It could have made sense if she communicated her issue with the husbad instead of attacking the marriage institution to a stranger whom she knew nothing about. She probably did (or does) wonderful things not in love but grudgingly which in time will erupt and become a disaster to this marriage. Not justifying the man’s character, may be he had issues that are not disclosed here. All in all, couples should always talk and freely share their concerns, never take advantage (or exploit) each other.

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