Beyonce and Jay Z spotted riding a boda boda, social media erupts

Boda boda’s are henceforth an item of prestige after American showbiz couple Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted in Trenchtown, Jamaica, riding the ‘yeng yeng’ as they are popularly called in the Caribbean country.

Photos of the two have taken social media by storm as they cruised Bob Marley’s hometown during a video shoot that got fans lining up the street to wave at the two as they rode by.

Jay Z and Beyonce [Photo: Courtesy]

According to Loop Jamaica, there was a high-level security presence in the area consisting of police and private guards as they rode along Collie Smith Drive, the birth place of reggae music.

The hip hop mogul had a simple black bandana on his head and breezed away in a black sweat suit that he styled up with white sneakers.

Queen Bee on the other hand was the main attraction as she dazzled at the back in pink boots, blue top and white fishnet stockings.

Beyonce and Jay Z [Photo: Courtesy]

This follows an announcement by the couple that they will be co-headlining The Run II tour that will kick off on June 6 in Cardiff, Wales.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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