Circumstances in which Kenyan citizenship can be revoked

Circumstances in which Kenyan citizenship can be revoked

Circumstances in which Kenyan citizenship can be revokedThese are the circumstances in which Kenyan citizenship can be revoked:

If acquired through fraud-during the war a person communicate with the enemy or assist the enemy
•If the person has been proved as being disloyal to Kenya by conduct of speech.
•If a registered person has lived in another country for a continuous period of seven years.
•If naturalized and has been imprisoned with the first five years of his registration for 3 years or longer.
•If convicted of reason or of an offence for which a penalty of 7 years imprisonment is imposed.
•If presumed, the nationality or parents becomes known
•If presumed, its discovered the person was over 8 years when found within the Kenyan boundaries.

Johnson mwenjera answered the question on February 28, 2018


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  1. Ngetich says

    Can someone else rewrite this piece please? It is an important topic yet I can’t make any sense of any sentence or bullet point. Thanks.

  2. umar says

    Thanks Paul, I thought that legally the Brits couldn”t revoke their exercise of Art 50. That means they”re at the grace and favour of the Europeans. They might well accept the revocation. But as you say the whole thing looks ridiculous and humiliating for all concerned. Wouldn”t it work better to get agreement to extend the Art 5o period indefinitely – one or two years at a time – which is where I thought you were going as I read your piece? Is your argument that legally that revoking the exercise of Art 50 could be approved by the EU President but that extending the period under Art 50 would require 29 governments to agree?

  3. Dacian says

    The top general further said another group also attempted to kidnap him at a hospital in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

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