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VIDEO: Kenyan man gets tooth pulled out with pliers

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This is the moment a man pulled out a friend’s tooth using a pair of pliers in rural Kenya. The footage, captured in the village of Kirima in central Kenya, shows a man lying on the ground with his mouth open so he can get one of his teeth extracted.

A second man then proceeds to remove the tooth using a pair of pliers. The patient remains remarkably calm and does not squeal in pain once the extraction is successfully made. The proud “dentist” shows off the tooth clasped in the pliers to the camera, while his pal’s bloodied face can be seen.

The clip was filmed on October 2015 but only recently emerged online. The filmer writes: ”This is my home village where some people do not access enough education.” ”It was the first time I saw this kind of thing happen though I had been hearing that it usually happens. ”The guy was nicknamed Mapengo meaning empty teeth as a result of that.”

Story by msn.com

Video by Daily Motion

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