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Another year is here and it is March 8. I love this day because women from all walks of life join hands in solidarity to advocate for women’s rights in all dimensions.

It is also a day to celebrate the achievements of women who work tooth and nail against all odds, to raise the woman’s flag higher. Both you and I know it is not easy in the world we live in.

It is needless to say that a woman needs to double or triple her efforts in order to receive the recognition a man will be given for the same achievement. A lot can be said in this line.

Today however, I am not here to fight for equality or campaign for the rights of women. No.  We do that every day. We know our rights. We seek equal opportunities and are breaking records.

Just the way every woman today is talking about #TimeIsNow and #PressForProgress, it is my wish that women will mean this talk in every other sphere, always. To me, women are lagging behind because of lack of support from fellow women. It is like we are afraid of our own progress.  A woman vies for presidency and the first lot to talk her down will be women. A woman shares a vision and the least support she gets will be from fellow women, the list is endless.  Let’s not pretend, this is happening, especially in my continent, Africa and country, Kenya. We women, are our own enemies, I’m sorry to say.

As we crowd the social media with words of empowerment and cries for our rights to be observed, I am convinced that it will do us more good if we practically start with being supportive of each other.  It is easy to join a movement that purports to be fighting for equality or women empowerment, but the real task is in living and walking that talk. It ought to start with us, women.

A woman is not less capable. She can do that which a man can do.  She can have big dreams, she can transform a nation and change lives. This woman is alive. She longs for acceptance and support from other women, so she can bring to birth all in her. Women are powerful, how much more if they join heads and hands together???

The Time is Now indeed. To embrace ourselves as women, and support each other. This will be a good way of pressing for progress.  When women come together, the world has no option but to follow suit.  Let’s do it!

By Liz Ekakoro: Diaspora Messenger contributor

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