I will move out of Kenya if Ruto becomes President – David Ndii


The handshake between National Super Alliance co-principal Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta has not ironed out perceived differences between lieutenants in their respective camps.

This was compounded by a tweet by controversial NASA strategist Dr David Ndii after he vowed to get out of Kenya if President Uhuru’s deputy William Ruto becomes the head of state in 2022.

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Ndii said that he was ‘making plans just in case’ the theory materializes as Ruto gears himself for the battle for the top seat.

“I am making plans just in case. I have no intention of living in a country governed by a neurotic megalomaniac,” said Ndii.

The economist had earlier poured cold water on talk that the handshake favoured Ruto for the house on the hill come 2022.

According to Ndii, the handshake was between dynasties out to correct wrongs done by their fathers. Ruto was on the periphery of it all.

“The #handshake IS about dynasties. @UKenyatta and @RailaOdinga have taken personal responsibility for and committed to correct, the sins of their fathers. The hustler is flogging a dead horse.”


Source The Star Newspaper

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