Miguna Miguna Blacklisted From All Airlines Operating In Kenya

Self declared NRM general Miguna Miguna has been blacklisted from using any international airline that operates in Kenya. According to the directive sent to Qatar airline staff have been advised to be vigilante and not to allow the general into their flights.

The order was issued by the Kenya immigration department on May 23 stating that he had been blacklisted by Kenyan authorities.

The embattled lawyer was deported after being accused of swearing in Raila Odinga as the people’s president on January 30. He came again but refused to use his Canadian passport stating that he was Kenyan by birth. He was allegedly drugged and deported to Dubai before proceeding to Canada after receiving medical attention.

There are several court orders requiring the Interior ministry to present the lawyer to the courts in person. The state has however insisted that it would not allow Miguna back into the country if he does not regularize his status as a Kenyan. They say that he was irregularly issued with a Kenyan passport back in 2009.

The lawyer was recently nominated as the deputy governor of Nairobi with governor defending his choice saying that he is the only one that can fight deep rooted cartels within City Hall.

Miguna Miguna

By Merxcine Cush


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Source kahawatungu

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