Mysterious owner of killer dam Patel in Nakuru County


Very little is known about Mansukul Patel, the owner of the dam that killed 48 people in Solai, Nakuru County.

Those who have interacted with him say he is a reclusive person; nice and quiet despite employing thousands in his over 2,000 acre farm that deals majorly with cut flowers operating under Solai Roses.

According to residents of Solai where the expansive farm is located, access to the expansive farm with five mega dams is strictly restricted.

“It is impossible to enter the farm without prior arrangements, “said a former civil leader who resides at Nyakinyua village.

Although Patel’s family has been involved in a number of community social responsibility activities like building a classroom at Solai Secondary School, equipping a maternity at a local health center, they have completely denied surrounding communities access to the seven dams within their farms.

Veteran politician Koigi Wa Wamwere, who represented the area – when it was Nakuru North constituency said he found it strange that the Patel could have thousands of cubic Meters of water in those dams and refuse to share them with locals.

“I once met one of the Patels long time ago when I was representing the area in parliament and they were very reclusive people besides doing a few community social responsibility projects in the area,” he recalled.

By Steve Mkawale

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