Take Deputy Governor job, impeach Sonko, Mutahi Ngunyi tells Miguna


Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi thinks lawyer Miguna Miguna should take the Nairobi Deputy Governor job as it is “an opportunity from God”.

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Miguna is the General of the NRMKe, who have been severely critical of the Jubilee government, so the public did not expect Governor Mike Sonko to go for him.

Sonko says the man is “anti-cartels #1” so he is the perfect fit for a capital plagued by corruption and a seemingly endless cycle of lack of basic services.

Via Twitter on Friday, Ngunyi wrote: “To my friend Miguna, (Iif he is still my SMS friend). You should climb down, Miguna. The Sonko offer is an opportunity from God.

“Genuine or not, take it. Then read Niccolo Machiavelli on how to impeach Sonko in 100 days of potholes and Nairobi filth.”

But in his no-mincing-words approach, Miguna told the analyst that he may have been to a school of comedy.

“My ‘friend’, Ngunyi, I didn’t know that your ‘Forthall School of Government’ propaganda has now been transformed into the “School of Mystic Comedy.”

He added: “Fortunately, I’m neither a student nor a teacher there. Best regards and cheers.”

Miguna is in Canada following his deportation from Kenya on March 28. He postponed his return that had been set for Wednesday, but asked his supporters to “hold processions, sit-ins, street protests, hunger strikes, and use all media at your disposals against the escalating tyranny and the culture of impunity”.


Some of the Kenyans on Twitter who reacted to these messages told Miguna to stick to his goals.

“Viva General. Don’t lose sight of an aimed antelope because of a dazzling squirrel. Don’t allow them to pull your leg,” one said.

Another added: “Nairobians begging Miguna to fight from within can as well constitutionally recall the failed Sonko and elect the General. These other stories are unnecessary.”

Sami Kipto said it is “funny” that residents want the lawyer to “save the city, roughly eight months after they made him option four in the ballot”.

Steve Juma said he was proud of Miguna.

“Those urging him to accept the so-called offer did not vote for him but are now desperate for a leader of integrity. They want Miguna to take a role [in which] he will not have full authority. The General is too intelligent to play that game.”

Others said the General should take the job as Sonko means well for Nairobi.

“I don’t agree with ‘Forthall’ propaganda [but] this time take it and fight from within,” Friday Abubakar said.

Barongo Haronbar told Miguna: “If you have the ability to fight cartels, and I think Sonko means well, I believe you will be a great team. Bring on the good ideas.”

Another Twitter user said the city currently needs someone like Miguna so he should take time to think about the offer.

Fedyril said: “Take the job, please. Sonko sees you as a genuine person. Sources have it that they want to impeach the Governor. Come. Please come and fight the cartels.”

Sonko defended his selection of Miguna and said he will not withdraw the name.

In a recording of a phone interview with Citizen TV, Sonko refers to the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila, saying the lawyer is a Kenyan who can effectively fight cartels.

Si uwongo … ni ukweli kwa sababu (It is true because) in the spirit of the so-called handshake and reconciliation, peace and forgiveness, mimi sioni makosa kubwa ambayo Miguna, hata kama sijamconsult, amefanya (I do not see the big mistake Miguna made, even if I did not consult him),” he says.


Source The Star Newspaper

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