USA Tour: Diaspora Kenyans Have Their Say At Optiven

USA Tour: Diaspora Kenyans Have Their Say At Optiven
USA Tour: Diaspora Kenyans Have Their Say At Optiven. *Ambassador Visit Optiven Desk at Maryland 7th July 2018*

The building of valuable partnerships and relationships has continued in various open forums that the Optiven team is sharing  with Diaspora  communities.

The five requests put forward  to Optiven in these forums and some that were observed  since Optiven  started visiting these customers & delivering  titles for the last six years.
The Diaspora driven issues  will help many of our Kenyans out there to Acquire properties, have their properties better managed and those developing houses for sale have them sold by Optiven  through Optiven Estates  department.
Among the agreed  issues include:
1. Adoption of Co-ownership arrangements*
This translates that two, three or four & up to seven customers  can own one property. This means that a group  can access a property where each member can contribute only 55 USD PM or 27 5USD every two weeks for a period  of two years offer given only   by Optiven Group. This is in case you are seven co owners  and you want a property, for Instance, at Garden of Joy in Machakos.
Call us for this form of arrangement: 540 214 1508
2. Establish a diaspora contacts that not only takes care of properties but also helps on pin processing, helping of personal issues affecting  diaspora & one  who understands diaspora  issues.*
This issue was addressed to Optiven Group last year & it has been implemented  100% & customers have been reaching Optiven through:  +254790667799
3. Managing diaspora property portfolio in Kenya*
There was a request to get tenants, manage diaspora properties, collecting & crediting rent to Diasporian  accounts hustle-free. There was a request  to have Optiven sell houses on behalf (This applies  to houses or Big Chunk of lands, say more than 5 acres that diasporian want to dispose)
This was implemented  through *Optiven Estates* Email ;
Mobile No. ;254 711 550550
This means that owning is no longer just a dream, start now & start Small & grow. We are available  for you on Call, teleconference, Email  & on invitation for One-one forum’s
Call us on:
Muteti   ‭+254 713 588 899‬
Steve   ‭+254 708 188 671‬


USA Tour: Diaspora Kenyans Have Their Say At Optiven 

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