Former ‘Churchil Show’ comedian David Kagongo, famously known as David The Student, has returned home after finding life unbearable in the United States.

The comedian, who relocated to the US in search of greener pastures, had ended up borrowing heavily from Kenyans in diaspora in order to make ends meet.

He was also accused of soliciting money using fake stories about his family and promising to pay up later. The amounts he borrowed ranged from $50 (Ksh5, 000) to $100 (Ksh10, 000).

He later confessed to borrowing heavily and acknowledged that he had not paid up many of his debts.

Now word on the street has it that the comedian returned to Kenya two weeks ago but has been avoiding publicity.

“Naambiwa amesharudi Kenya na beste yake mmoja wa karibu sana but ameamua kucheza tu chini, lakini ni kama jamaa yuko area amejichimbia place tu fulani,” a comedian who spoke on condition of anonymity told Nairobi News.

He is said to be spending most of his time in the village with his family. A picture of him with a man said to be a close relative has been circulating on social media.