Itumbi’s statement on Maribe’s fiancé involvement in Monica Kimani’s murder

Itumbi’s statement on Maribe’s fiancé involvement in killing Monica Kimani

Let me comment on the issues facing my good friend Jacque Maribe

I have spoken to her and she will obviously tell her story to the police. She will tell her story.

I have not asked for details, those details belong to detectives am sure she will narrate what she knows and is sure about.

From where I sit Jacque fell in love with a guy that connected with her whole being.

Their love did not start with the proposal. It has been a journey of love and affection.

It is a story of genuine love, at least from the eyes of friends.

We all fall in love with strangers and as we grow in the connection we learn each other.

We learn each other strengths and weaknesses, we draw our boundaries, we try to strengthen each other.

If she does not keep time, you teach her with consentual reward and punishment. If he prefers to throw his socks everywhere you develop a way to end the bachelor thrill with a similar scheme, sometimes it works, sometimes it fails…but love remains and grows from challenge to the next.

We know the drill. Love connects a heart to another, it sets on fire a soul to another human flame.

There is nothing wrong about falling in love and expecting excellence to ooze from the star that twinkles for us even when the night is long gone.

Jacque, in my view, is the reflection of a girl next door, who is in love. What perfection and satisfaction to feel like you are a part of another being. To have inner wings that you flap in awesomeness because your emotions are on a high only described by a combination of adjectives.

Maybe love is somehow demonstrated by the soft wind that blows as a beautiful flower blossoms right before your eyes, petal after petal stretching its spectacular innocence to embrace the golden rays of the yellow sun. What brightness!

What is wrong with love? Nothing. Loving someone and offering your entire life, body and spirit to them unconditionally, is the highest form of human sacrifice.

Having spoken to her, I am convinced she will tell her story of love to the police in detail. For like you and me we all have our stories, some more intense than even hers.

As friends, we can only pray for her.

May God, Love and Truth be her guide.


To the family of Monica, all I can say, is God strech his hand and comfort you.

I am certain the DCI will provide the answers and whoever committed the crime will certainly face Justice in the fullness of time.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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